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How to spot a scam email

Crime/Public Safety Posted by: Highlands County Sheriff’s Office on Feb 25, 2020 11:34AM

Here is a prime example of a scam email. There are at least five giveaways that this is a scam if you just take a good look:

1. Check the email address. You have to actually click on it to see what the "real" address is instead of what the scammer has called it. In this case, you can see it is some random email. Even if the address looks real, it could still be a scam, so be careful.

2. Grammar mistakes. "Your Apple ID, has just been used to purchased "PUBG MOBILE" from the APP Store,on a computer ..." There are three grammar errors in that one sentence ("to purchased" is one and the commas are not used correctly). Apple is a multi-billion dollar company; they have proof readers.

3. Non-specific information. "Date : Friday, 21, 2020." It's safe to say that Apple would remember to put the actual month in there somewhere.

4. More grammar mistakes. You don't capitalize a word after a comma. Also, Apple wouldn't send you a document to cancel your purchase. The scammers are trying to get your login information.

5. Yet another grammar mistake. "Thank you for comprehension," ... What this indicates is somebody was using Google Translate or a similar service to put this in English. Once again, a company like Apple does not make this kind of mistake.

This scam is using Apple, but you could get something similar from Google, a credit card company, a bank, etc. Scammers do their homework, so you may get one that has some correct personal information included. Don't immediately assume it is legitimate just because of that.

Any time you get an email like this, look at it closely. If it has mistakes like this, it is a scam. Even if it is perfect, the safe thing to do would be to contact the company on your own. (Don't use the contact info in the email. Look it up yourself.) Then ask them if there is an issue with your account.

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